Welcome to Keighley…

…one of the UK’s most commonly mispronounced places!

A few years ago, unhappy with being confused with a hormone-producing internal organ (“pancreas”), the St Pancras International PR department carried out research into the most commonly mispronounced words and place names.

I live just outside Keighley, which came in at the number 2 spot. 40% of respondents incorrectly called it Kay-Lee or Key-Lee. The West Yorkshire former mill town is not alone in being mispronounced – many an overseas tourist has tripped up with “Leicester”, “Loughborough” and “Bicester” – but it is unusual in that the pronunciation of Keighley (correct: Keeth-ley) is relatively unknown amongst Britons too.

Click here to read about the survey and here to read about some more place names around the UK with pronunciations that may surprise!

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